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That’s when Supreme Painters INC comes in to renovate your interior with the most varied service options, we have a high range of colors with top quality materials ready to bring personality and authenticity to the entire interior of your home. In addition, of course, our unique painting services bring a vivid and durable texture, all with the utmost attention that only Supreme Painters can offer in the Newton area.

Facing our daily lives, day by day our home becomes one of the places we love to visit, our shelter, our resting place after a long and exhausting day at work, a place where we create and keep many memories and events, but over time our environment needs a new face, a new personality, an upgrade to experience even more important moments in our lives.

The lack of time and care for your home can lead to a peeling wall, a well-worn painting, this is the moment when our painting professionals take action to renew your environment with the best quality and as soon as possible.

The best painters of Newton-MA

Our company has more than 10 years of experience, we are detail-oriented in each residential interior painting. In addition to using only high quality ink!

We have several options that are suitable for your building

All our services are supervised full-time by the owner Lindo, until each service is completed. Our quality workmanship specializes in interior painting, which allows your home to have the best quality. We will use the best inks along with your color choice.

For us at Supreme Painters & Remodelers every detail makes the difference. Thinking about each Internal Painting, providing methods, facilitating each service, we call this the SupremeFourPainters, which are:

1 - We will remove objects and furniture, covering with plastic sheets to protect and organize everything before starting the Internal Painting.

2 - After preparing the environment, we will specify all the room’s details and we can even remove spider webs, mold, holes, or cracks.

3 – Now, we will apply our workmanship with a professional and consistent finish.

4 - With each service completed, our team will immediately clean the room, removing dirt and leaving only your brand-new environment new.

Delivery time is linked to the size of the room, usually our team takes from 1 to 3 days to finish.

Without visiting the job site, it's difficult to project total cost. Two identical houses, with different needs, could have very different cost estimates.

We carry out more than 150 Interior Paintings with a lot of dedication and attention to each client.

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