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Your bathtub in its prime

Bath Restoration

And speaking of the bathroom, we need to take the opportunity to talk about the state of your bathtub. A bathtub in good condition is not just something aesthetic, but also a hygiene and safety parameter and our team is ready to bring all the shine and beauty in return. Our method of repairing cracks will transform it again leaving it brand new, in addition to the review of the environment that can often be the cause of the breakage of the bathtub, very high-quality service for the best result.

Restore your bathtub to like-new condition

A cheaper and faster option than a bathtub replacement! Whether you’re looking to update and modernize the look of your bathtub or completely change its color, we can help. Call (857 231-3940) and our team will answer your questions as soon as possible!

Your bathtub just needs a quick makeover

We are the complete professionals at Newton, we don’t just renovate your bathtub but any detail that needs repair. We will leave your bathtub in new condition with a glossy finish.

We always think about durability using cutting-edge materials so that your family can use the bathtub for the long term.

Our teams are trained and use exclusive methods in each residence, so we make the process smoother and easier for you.

But always looking to satisfy every Newton-MA owner to love their bathrooms even more.

  • If remodeling, all dust-creating work or construction must be postponed or canceled on the day of the appointment.
  • All leaking faucets must be fixed.
  • Any loose or missing tile that’ll be refinished must be repaired.
  • Remove shower curtains, soap, shampoo, and any other lose personal items from the refinished area.
  • Any fixtures that are being refinished are required to have plumbing so our technicians have access to running water.
  • Any glass door enclosure should be removed.
  • For tile refinishing jobs, any fixture that blocks access to the tiles should be removed such as a vanity, pedestal sink, toilet, radiator, or anything similar.

Some points are important to note because sometimes our bathtub is just misused and with details to fix, after all repairs your bathtub will be new and its cost will be reduced by up to 300%. We are here to help as much as possible and bring quality to every restoration.

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